City State Entertainment

Providing audio for soundscapes, creatures, champions and UI as well as Music Composition

Utilize Audiokinetic Wwise middleware to architect audio engine solutions for highly intensive game play with potential of thousand unit battles and interactivity.

Implement VOIP for real-time chat through Wwise Audio Input

Sound Design for all levels of MMORPG immersion including melee, ambience, weapons, dialog and creature SFX

An example taken from field recording and sound design for melee weapons
Here we take a quick listen to the progression of Melee combat utilizing a sword against sword model.

Clip 1: We begin with live action, authentic field recordings of swords clashing.
Clip 2: Our next step is to add some dimension and robustness to the clash of swords by using Foley to accentuate the “hit” of the swords.
Clip 3: We add further dimension and character by looking for resonant material that helps the sword “sing”.
Clip 4: Next up, we want to define an impact.
Clip 5: Finally, we round this out with something visceral and human sounding as our PC makes an attack and puts her / his energy and voice into the attack. This drives home the human relationship and characteristics of the weapon and attack.

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